International Fair Heritas – interactive and innovative presentation of activities and products by freelancing professionals (architecture, art research, restoration, moulding, sculpture, archaeology, woodworking, furniture restoration, smithery (only architectural details, etc.), private companies (restoration, research and investigations, building materials and equipment used for the conservation of cultural heritage, paint, finishing materials, architecture, modern technologies, examination and testing hardware, etc.), and state institutions.

Festival and publication is partly funded by



The Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO consists of 25 education, research and culture professionals working on a voluntary basis: representatives from the Parliament, Government, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, staff from the institutions subordinate to the ministries, members of UNESCO departments and centres operating in Lithuania, non-governmental organisations operating in the areas of education, science, culture, environmental protection, media, communications and information science.

The aim of the Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO is to ensure active participation of the Republic of Lithuania in UNESCO activities related to design, evaluation and implementation of programmes that are aligned with UNESCO objectives.

Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO presents an exhibition Lithuanian Heritage on UNESCO lists and registers

Organising Partners

The Cultural Heritage Centre collects information that describes the material expression of cultural heritage and captures the present and the past, stores, revises and organises it; performs historical and physical research (except for exploratory and detailed archaeological research) related to cultural heritage, and stores, manages and drafts related documents and information; functions as a special heritage protection library.

Faculty of History at Vilnius University is carrying out research in the field of cultural heritage in several directions. Research. Anthropological, archaeological, historical, visual, and sociological research of objects and places of cultural heritage; theory of cultural heritage; heritage and memory; history of cultural heritage conservation; feasibility studies and concepts of heritage revival. The research is presented in the scientific publications, reports, and popular science publications. Dissemination. The joint projects with state, heritage, memory (museums, archives) and other institutions and also with the local communities are implemented. The projects are aiming at the heritage actualization, revival and dissemination. Studies. The master programme ‘Cultural Heritage Conservation’ is successfully carried out at the Faculty of History since 2003. The programme trains specialists in the field of heritage research, management, and interpretation.


The National Commission for Cultural Heritage is an expert and adviser to the Seimas, the President and the Government on the issues of the national cultural heritage protection policy, its implementation, assessment, and improvement. Our aim is to promote an integrated and innovative approach to cultural heritage, and public engagement in the protection of cultural heritage.

The Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture is a Lithuanian heritage protection institution in charge of immovable and movable cultural properties which maintains and manages cultural properties, keeps accounts of cultural heritage, presents cultural heritage to the public.

Old Town Renewal Agency raises public awareness on heritage protection, implements the monitoring of changes in the Old Town and World Heritage Sites, informs, consults and provides financial support for heritage management to the public.

Vilnius Old Town Renewal Agency presents a cultural orientation game Following the traces of the Radziwill family.

The Society of the Lithuanian Archaeology unites and coordinates the efforts made by Lithuanian archaeologists and members of society to preserve, explore and promote Lithuanian archaeological heritage.

Archaeology unites researchers, romanticists, the curious and all other fans of heritage!

In the exhibition, the Society of the Lithuanian Archaeology invites you to become familiar with this science in a simple and comprehensive way. The space where archaeological research methods and findings are presented, bioarcheology laboratory, educational sessions will welcome you and you will simply have an opportunity to chat with archaeologists and ask them all questions of interest to you!

The Society of the Lithuania Archaeology presents the following workshops:

3 x RESEARCH. Archaeology in earth, water and air!  

3 x FINDINGS. Findings, findings and findings!

3 x LABORATORIES. Archaeobotany, zooarchaeology and dendrology.


For many years, a partner of scientific, industrial and medical laboratories Biometrija UAB has supplied laboratory equipment, consumables and diagnostic tools. The company’s competence and experience earn it a greater reputation than just a reliable supplier and technical maintenance enterprise.


Gatvės gyvos vaikams organise day camps and tours where different areas of culture, heritage and knowledge about the world are revealed to children through live and engaging experiences.

Gatvės gyvos vaikams present the orientation game Map of Vilnius Nations.

A geodetic imaging and cadastre works company UAB Šiaurinis taškas, which has been operating since 2013, commences one of the most modern highest-precision services – 3D laser scanning. We keep renewing, looking for better quality and faster solutions to accomplish tasks. We are proud of our team – its experience, commitment to work and inquisitive approach enhances trust in our services. We enjoy what we do.

Šiaurinis taškas hosts a workshop 3D Laser Scanning for Architectural Renderings

Participants of the festival

Vasaknos Manor – authentic historical settings once enjoyed by the noble families of Radvilos, Pliateriai and Tiškevičiai. The Manor buildings have been reconstructed by combining the antique stone and brick walls with massive oak structures, glass, and granite as a connection between the past and the present. The Manor estate includes a reconstructed 18th century brewery, a sauna, a neatly arranged park with ponds, preserved fragments of the stables, and the original palace.

Čiobiškis Manor is among the most prominent classicist manors which is unique because of its location, history, fragility and great ambitions. Today, the 500-year-old manor is waking up and opens its doors for the first season. Our main objective is to nurture the surviving cultural heritage and create a sustainable lifestyle space enriched with cultural and educational activities. 

Kaunas Fortress Park. We preserve by using the unique heritage of Kaunas city/fortress reminiscent of World War I. Kaunas Fortress Park refers to more than 200 hectares of forts, batteries, redoubts, hiding places, underground structures and other fortifications. It is a unique fortified landscape which is community heritage, whereas the fort is a cultural and creative stronghold. 

From historical memory to contemporary art. From the fort to the city’s garden and community park. A creative and forward-looking glance to the development of defensive heritage is the key approach and value. 

Kaunas Fortress Park presents a workshop for children The Beast of Kaunas or bats in the forts

MB Kompozitai. Online trade in composite materials used in architecture, art, sculpture, restauration, scenography, interior and exterior, design and a number of other areas where their use may be limited only by imagination.

FIXUS Mobilis is a newly developed preventive monitoring and maintenance system for cultural heritage objects to raise the awareness and preventive maintenance skills of managers of heritage objects. Three mobile teams are formed during the project FIXUS Mobilis to provide maintenance, monitor, investigate and report the conditions of selected objects, consult owners and managers of the objects, perform minor maintenance, accident prevention works in the objects of cultural heritage.

The Department of Heritage Conservation of Vilnius Academy of Arts trains professional restorers who are able to identify suitable restoration techniques taking account of ethical and aesthetical provisions and restore different types of art pieces.

Paliesis Manor, located in the sanctuary of the forest and meadows, dates back as far as the 17th century when Earl Tyzenhaus would spend time there. Today, the history of the manor continues: one can attend a world-famous concert there, enjoy cosy meetings with new acquaintances, savour slow moments and draw inspiration.

Artūras Šuliokas, a master of furnaces, fireplaces and chimneys, builds new and restores old furnaces and fireplaces.

Artūras Šuliokas presents the workshop Furnaces and fireplaces. Restoration, reconstruction, minor repairs, safe use.

Marija Liugienė is a folk artist, coordinator of cultural activities at Vilnius Ethnic Culture Centre. The Centre organises exhibitions, conferences and seminars on relevant issues related to ethnic culture, organises calendar and other Vilnius city festivities, international festivals.

Marija Liugienė presents the workshop My first straw garden.

The Bookbinders Guild of Vilnius was established 22 May 2003. The aim of the Bookbinders Guild of Vilnius is to advocate the craft of bookbinding, its art and history, promote research and education, represent bookbinders’ professional interests, organise exhibitions, exchange information, preserve old traditional craft technologies. The collection of the Bookbinders Guild of Vilnius, i.e. a collection of books bound by the members of the guild, is stored in the Rare Books Division of Vilnius University Library.

Bookbinders Guild of Vilnius.

Living tradition. Exclusive books.

The Bookbinders Guild of Vilnius presents the workshop Introligatores Vilnenses: the bookbinding workshop in the Middle Ages.

VšĮ Atvirosios fotografijos dirbtuvės (Open Photography Workshop) focuses on the studies, research and promotion of analogue, old, and alternative photographic processes. Demonstrations of photographic craft and historical photographic techniques in different events. Trainings in classical and alternative image photography and printing techniques.

Open photography workshop presents Old photography workshop as well as the workshop Coloured Vilnius postcard.

The Toy Museum is a museum dedicated to the history of toys, games and childhood which presents the heritage of the oldest toys in Lithuania and their history, invites its visitors to participate actively in the exploration of displays, play and check what changes and what remains the same in our world.

The Toy Museum presents the workshop for children It was like this, it was like this for sure.

The new Museum of Urban Wooden Architecture (MUWA) in Vilnius explores the historical context of Vilnius wooden architecture, acquaints its visitors with surviving wooden architectural heritage of the city, and by focussing on ecology and sustainability, presents the future of contemporary wooden urban architecture.

The Museum of Urban Wooden Architecture presents the workshop for children If I lived in a wooden house and a guided tour Užupis: the other side.

Agota Zdanavičiūtė-Bėkštė is a musician, promoter of ethnic music and traditions. She has been actively involved in the activities of an alternative folk group Sen Svaja since the creation of the group. She is also a member of an alternative folk group/project Laiminguo. She and her sister started leading glee group circles Sutartinių Ratai 5 years ago. She also leads zither group circles Kanklių Ratai – the group practice of playing traditional zither, which has takes place for the third year already. Agota invites everybody to join a cycle of 10 lessons, topped off with a group performance of a musical composition based on the folk songs of that season.

Agota Bėkštė hosts a workshop Glee Exercise

Aukso žuvys – a small independent publishing house publishing relevant historical books for children and adults. 

Aukso žuvys presents Comic strip workshop with the authors of the book ‘Atgal į Vilnių’.

Antikvaro dvaras restores and renews old furniture and various household items.

Antikvaro Dvaras hosts a furniture restoration workshop.

The Innovators’ Valley is a space for creation and work in Antalieptė village, Zarasai district. Located in a place with rich historical legacy, we want the Innovators’ Valley to continue creating history through its ideas and works. The former Barefoot Carmelite Monastery is a cultural property which we enabled as the space for cooperation and creative activities. Antalieptė is becoming an international Lithuanian village, and increasingly more co-minded people come and create here! 

Jautmalkės lėpis will take care that your wooden cottage stands for another 100 years.

Jautmalkės lėpis presents a Traditional carpentry workshop.

Archeologijos centras – archaeological research for all: consultations, research, dissemination projects.

Historical European martial arts. Everyone knows about Eastern martial arts. European martial arts fell into oblivion in the archives and libraries in the form of textbooks and splendidly illustrated manuscripts. HEMA is a movement connecting history studies and combat sports practice in order to recreate fighting techniques that have been forgotten for ages.

Historical European martial art clubs present the workshop Historical fencing lesson.

Museum of the Radvilas Palace of the Lithuanian National Museum of Art. Educational programmes and projects are organised and implemented in the Museum of the Radvilas Palace. The aim of programmes is to acquaint their participants with the content of displays and exhibitions open in the museum. 

The Museum of the Radvilas Palace of the Lithuanian National Museum of Art presents the workshop for children A glance at the life in the nobles’ palace.

Let’s play the Lithuanian way refers to wooden blocks for children representing historical buildings in Lithuania. In the production of puzzles, major attention is paid to environmental protection, i.e. several dozen cents from the price of each puzzle are allocated to planting trees.

Let’s play the Lithuanian way presents Gediminas Tower and Trakai Castle construction and competition for children.

Sakalų svetainė – Saulius Sakalas is a freelance carpenter/restorer who will acquaint you with wooden heritage.

Saulius Sakalas presents the workshop Restoration of doors, windows, decorative elements in a wooden building at Polocko St. 52.

The Energy and Technology Museum in Vilnius is a technical heritage institution promoting and researching the history of Lithuanian energy and Vilnius. The museum is located in the historical venue, i.e. the central production premises of the first power plant in Vilnius. The pride of the museum, certainly, is and will be the building of the power plant and its authentic equipment which was still in operation not long ago. Here, one can, certainly, marvel at the best-preserved industrial heritage and enjoy interactive scientific displays.

The Energy and Technology Museum presents a guided tour 100 years of History

Saulius Jackevičius – an artisan master, creator of natural construction materials, technologist, educator and lecturer who has worked with paint and plaster for more than 25 years. Presentation of Saulius Paint – traditional natural paint produced in Lithuania.

Community of Our Lady of Consolation. Our Lady of Consolation is an open community gathered together under the roof of the Church of Our Lady of Consolation, striving to become a hub of spiritual, social and creative innovations. Our community focuses on volunteering, unlocking the potential of individuals, and empowerment. Everybody has a talent!

Individual company MG Mūras is engaged in masonry restoration, brick-laying of ancient walls and ceilings, building of arches and vaults. All works are carried out according to the requirements of heritage protection. It also makes masonry for indoor and outdoor stoves and fireplaces and restores them according to private orders.

MG Mūras hosts a workshop MG Mūras: Masonry Restoration, Brick-Laying of Vault Arcs.

UAB 3D Creative is the largest plastic and sand 3D printing company in the Baltic States. We shape future solutions! 

Community of Naujoji Vilnia. It is an independent public organisation bringing together residents for the former historical town of Naujoji Vilnia (currently, sub-district of N. Vilna) located in the territory of Vilnius city municipality. Activity principles and goals: formation of an active and open civic community, cooperation between the community and public authorities, sustainable territorial development, preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of N. Vilnia, creation of safe and healthy environment, de-centralisation of social welfare and its accessibility to the community, cultural and educational activities, formation of an attractive image of N. Vilnia, assistance to residents in identifying problems and monitoring their solutions.

Community of Naujoji Vilnia presents a guided tour by train to Naujoji Vilnia

The National Museum of Lithuania is the largest depository of the main collections reflecting the history of statehood and the development of culture of Lithuania. The abundance of valuable exhibits narrates the history of Lithuania since prehistoric to modern times.

National Museum of Lithuania presents the workshop ETNOgrafika and a guided tour Behind the detention house door