• Heritas - an open space for a dialogue between society and cultural heritage specialists

    Gathering once a year. Upcoming event 3-4th of May, 2019. More information TBA.

SAVE THE DATE: On 3-4th of May, 2019 the 2nd International fair of cultural heritage preservation, technologies and education “HERITAS” will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania. It brings together all relevant stakeholders that work in the field of cultural heritage, encourages their cooperation, communication as well as presents cultural heritage to the people of all age groups through education and experience. At Heritas’2019 you will find the stands with the presentation of public and private institutions and companies, guided tours, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, children’s education area, concerts, performances and a way more.




More than 50 workshops in 2 days. Get to know the cultural heritage field by experience.


Tours to the most interesting and relevant objects: cultural heritage conservation, archeological digs and much more.


Newest research, practical side of heritage conservation, findings, innovations and future perspectives in the cultural heritage field.


More than 30 participants in one space, presenting their activities and products through practice and education.

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